girl jumping in sunshineI recently attended a weekend seminar in Austin, produced by Hay House, a fabulous publishing house that promotes the work of personal development in the world.

I was most excited to see one of my favorite authors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, but it became clear to me that the reason I was meant to go, was provided by Dr. Joe Vitale.

Dr. Vitale shared some amazing insight around the subject of taking responsibility for everything that appears in our world.  He specifically went into a Hawaiian approach to this, called Ho’ponopono.  I have become an instant fan.

As a person with an absolute obsession with the study of people and their pursuit of happiness, I have become crystal clear that our judgment of the world around us is a total detriment to our health and happiness.

We spend hours of every day criticizing in our heads and with our words.  “We are constantly looking for excuses to be offended”, as I once heard the fabulous Dr. Wayne Dyer express.

We tweet and Facebook about how “wrong” the world around us is.  We judge our siblings, we complain about our jobs, we get mad at the complete stranger driving the car in front of us…as if we have some right to decide what is right and wrong.

I have had hundreds of life experiences that have taught me that my judgment is NEVER a good thing.  Turning inward and focusing only on what I can do is ALWAYS the best thing.

It is pretty crazy when you stop and consider how we blab blab blab about the world around us, constant with our arrogant criticisms.  Yet the world WE experience is only a product of WHO WE ARE.

If you are the girl who is always kind and loving, you will experience much more of that in your life.  If you are the guy who is quick to complain, who is quick to debate about the “rightness” of his views alone; you will experience a life full of divisiveness and discord.

I am learning this lesson at a much deeper level than ever before.  I am finally “getting” that the world has NEVER been “out there.”  The world I experience is the world I am creating.

I want to experience a life full of love, joy and wonderment.  I am willing to sacrifice my judgments in exchange for FREEDOM.  After all, this is what we all really want in life.  All of our angst and fighting and judgment imprisons us.  By letting go of the need to be right; by fully surrendering, the magic of life and the great higher power that infuses us with life can FINALLY show us the way.

As the fabulous Rumi says…
“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

Must go now…off to purchase some bewilderment…ahh what a relief to finally offload my cleverness.

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