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The Power of Simple Acts of Love

By November 9, 2013 No Comments

The Power of Simple Acts of Love

Last night, I took my nephew (Eric) to dinner, to celebrate his birthday. Our server forgot a couple of things, but I went out of my way to give him warmth and love and to let him know it was “no big deal.” I explained to Eric that I was kind to servers and always tipped well, regardless of service.

Eric was surprised, particularly about the tipping philosophy, and this inspired a conversation with him around acts of love. I explained that I choose this path of love because it is a reflection of the kind of person I choose to be; that my actions only speak to who I am and are never about the “other person”.

If I change who I am and how I react due to a judgment I have about someone else’s behavior, it really is only a reflection of me. Judgment says NOTHING about the other person…it only makes me a judgmental person…and after all…who put ME in charge of the Universe? (I am pretty sure no one put me in charge.)

I went on to add, “Eric, tonight in this very restaurant, I bet at least 6 tables will give this guy some kind of attitude for daring to delay the delivery of their margarita…or to be incensed that their dressing was served on the salad vs. on the side. We have become so insensitive to each other. We instantly judge and fail to consider that hundreds of variables could have affected the server’s perceived failure. ┬áThis attitude actually hurts the server…deep down inside. By us giving him warmth and love, it adds something to his day, which he most certainly will pass along to the people with whom he interacts.”

Simple acts of love, even a smile; can be incredibly therapeutic.

One could argue that we should withhold our love in some way to “teach that person a lesson”, or to “not let him get away with it”, but that is TRULY ARCHAIC thinking.

You want to inspire someone to change? You want to teach them a lesson?

DO IT WITH LOVE. DO IT BY EXAMPLE…and watch the greatest most beautiful change you will ever witness. TRUE GREATNESS 100% will always involve TRUE LOVE.