We are never more powerful than when we are choosing love and kindness in our everyday interactions.

We can all think of a moment in time when someone’s act of kindness lifted our spirits.

Today, I was headed to a meeting at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX, with my BFF and co-worker, Kara Oppermann. As always, we were greeted by the beautiful smiling face of Paula Bell. She is the security guard at the main gate and as cars drive in she laughs, smiles and practically dances as she directs each car through.  You can’t help but smile as you drive up to her guard station.

It is such a joy to be greeted by someone who is so clearly focused on serving others, rather than working like most of us do…thinking only of ourselves and just getting through the day.

Today, we just had to stop and get to know her a bit more…as she truly is a hero in our eyes.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit through this video.  If you ever come through Austin, you may even want to stop by and give her a big hug (or at least a high-five)!

Thank you, Paula, for the inspiration! We love you!