LOVE is still the answer

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With so much anger and hateful opinions pouring through the media and from so many who cross our paths, I notice so little room left for the one and only thing that can save us – LOVE.

Some call it God, some call it goodness…to me, it is all the same thing and it is all infused with LOVE.

Yes, we each have a responsibility to step up and act in a way that supports our highest and truest beliefs.  Yes, I agree we can’t simply hope for more.  Yes, we must each take the action that feels best for us.  I only wish we would all remember that the only lasting and effective change stems from actions taken with a heart full of love and goodness…actions taken with …INTEGRITY.

You can be strong and powerful and effective and still have respect for one another.  Wisdom is truely realizing we are all just trying to make it in this complicated experience we call “life”.  What might seem crazy and hateful to to you may simply be another’s attempt at sheer survival.   What may seem disgusting and vile to you may be another’s only experience of life…the only life he or she has ever had the chance to know.  Stop wasting time hating him or her and start taking the highest action you can take.  Pointing fingers is so easy to do…but it is hugely ineffective.  Stop fighting AGAINST something and start standing FOR something.   Fill it with love and goodness and your version of God.  Be bold, be brave…let your heart lead you.

…and never forget that there is never a more powerful message…never a more powerful teacher than YOUR life lived.

Purify and clean your words, your home, your heart.  Live a life that no one could throw too many stones at…and then see what kind of change THAT makes on the world around you.

Wishing for love and peace for all, now and always…

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