If you feel like life is passing you by…

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Hi Meghan,

As of late, I am feeling like I am having a typical mid life crisis. I feel like life has passed me by and that I am now too old to fulfill any dreams or grand new adventures, etc. It feels so stupid to put it into writing and sounds so lame but it’s legitimately how I feel. I absolutely love my husband and adore my step kids (even though children are total game changers that I wasn’t planning on) but I am feeling so trapped and like life is over. Use my name if you want, just please give me some advice!

Thank you!

(Even though she gave me permission, I am still keeping her name anonymous…because that’s how I like to roll.)

Dear Lovely Lady,

First and foremost, please know that this is not a sign of your failure, but rather, an entirely normal and very human predicament. You are supposed to go through times like these, which means you are right on track!  Let me say that a different way…as a human, you must experience the peaks and valleys. Not because you make mistakes and are getting a chance to make it right, but because it is the only way to inspire you to keep finding your way to “better.” If you didn’t have that little valley to walk (ahem, fall) into, you would never set your sights for the next beautiful mountain. You would never grow. Growing can be painful, but if you realize that this pain is always and only about your growth, you can find a way to look at this not as a drowning, but as something like a half-marathon…not necessarily that much fun, but you know the payoff is coming soon.

Start to greet your pain with that attitude. How can this help you to become stronger? What can you learn from it? What do you need to change in your life to honor yourself? Is there a pattern that keeps showing up that you need to recognize? These are all great questions to help you determine the gift that is awaiting you…if you can just stay on the path and reach the finish line.

My insight and intuition says that one of the reasons you are being pushed, is because you need to reestablish a feeling of connection with the perpetual goodness of the Universe. You feel frazzled and unsure and fearful because you have temporarily lost/buried your connection to your higher consciousness (you may choose to think of this as your God, your soul, LOVE, etc.).

So my advice for specific action is this –

For the next 2 weeks, commit to a 20-minute practice at the same time each day. I suggest waking early, so nothing has a chance of getting in the way.  Find a quiet place where you will have privacy.

In that 20 minutes, do whatever helps you feel more connected. It could be meditation, prayer, or journaling about your thoughts. I would also suggest that you really turn your thoughts/prayers to finding yourself back in a place of peace and flow. Finally, make sure you record three things for which you are grateful.

I am confident you will have a shift within one week, but please write again if you do not, so we can discuss further.  (Either way, please write again and let me know how it is going!)

Sending you lots of LOVE!

P.S.  I didn’t post your full question, but the note you made about your art…I want to respond to that separately.  The short answer is that it has always been your passion and your dream because you are SUPPOSED to be doing it…don’t doubt that power.  It will all fall into place, but getting reconnected must come first. XO


Not Fun, but Still Necessary Disclaimers –

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