I have been discussing this book and the topic of self-compassion with many lately.

In the Western world, we tend to devalue the concept of extending kindness to ourselves. Ironically, it is one of the most powerful tools we have to help us perform at our best and to give our best. It is not a lightweight “feel-good” luxury – it is a very pragmatic and strong way to get your sh*t together!

What most of us don’t realize (aren’t conscious of), is how truly cruel we are to ourselves.  We hold crippling high self-standards and then we berate ourselves when we fail to meet our ideas of impossible perfection.  In this weakened state, we can only see the world in a very narrow state…clouded by the heaviness of our self-judgment.

In order to be at our very best, we must set ourselves free from this tortured state. (Set yourself free, baby!!)

If this idea sparks something in you, I highly recommend going to Kristin Neff’s site and testing how self-compassionate you are.

Test how self-compassionate you are

If you’re score is low, I can’t recommend a better place to focus your attention.
Happy Monday! ❤

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