My New Blog & A Recovering Perfectionist

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Life is Short. Enjoy the Sunshine!

Very excited to be entering the world of Blog Land.  While I have had some entries on, this is my very first attempt to become an “official” blogger, which I am told will now be evident after joining WordPress.

This page is my entirely selfish-indulgence around my love of life coaching and personal development.

I fear I may be taking advantage of my Facebook friends with my constant musings in that field and I figure this is a safe place to be sure that only those who want to share in my obsession can do so.

Today’s musing…

I realized today that I am a recovering Perfectionist (still a work in progress, but looking GOOD).

Perfectionism is a terrible affliction in my opinion.  All of those beautiful hours wasted away in the pursuit of something that will never matter anyway.  We all know we are dying…we all know our time is temporary.  Why do we beat ourselves up?  Why don’t we get that life is more about the warmth, the love, the inspiring of the Soul to greatness?

One benefit of my recovery?  I am TOTALLY cool with typos and grammatical errors.  I hope you can be okay with that too! :)

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  • Michael Gonzalez says:

    Great blog! I’m with you on this and want to add that being/living a life as a perfectionist can stress out our friends and loved ones. At least in the experience of my life! I can’t wait to read on! Life is definitely meant to be more enjoyable. Thanks Meghan!

  • meghanbeavin says:

    Thank you so much Michael! Happy Sunday!

  • linnie says:

    Meghan, life IS indeed the love ,warmth and Soul innerspring adventure…..I believe the lessons we learn from the so called imprrffect parts actually add to our Soul satisfactions…. if we did not choose the road to perrrrfectoness … we may never catch the glimpse of ourselves as we really are…….love love love your new blog xxoolinnie

    • meghanbeavin says:

      Oh, Linnie!! A comment from you couldn’t be a more beautiful gift. You were most definitely a beautiful ray of sunshine in my LA days. So very glad to be sharing the love with you here and know that I always think of you with a smile and love in my heart! <3

  • Catherine says:

    You’re great at being a perfectionist. I think it’s a natural talent for you, so embrace it.
    I think it’s OK wanting everything to be perfect, and being OK even when its not.
    In short, you’re perfect just the way you are.

  • Jimmy Bonner says:

    The spelling/grammatical error portion sparked a thought of those paragraphs where none of the words are spelled correctly, and numbers are also included in the words. Only the first and last letters are typically the same. Despite the junkyard of words, it’s all still legible because the mind corrects them for us. Maybe those were written by a perfectionist as well lol! There is a balancing act between “faults,” human nature, and acceptance of what is, or isn’t. All happens for a reason as we all know. What to do about the situation? Grow, learn, evolve? Or stay stagnant in the repetitiveness of a circumstance? Even remaining stagnant has its purpose where development occurs… If it creates resistance within, it’s time to let it go. If it feels, and is great, enjoy it. Thank you for the opportunity to express the thoughts! Keep the blogs uh comin!

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