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Finding Enlightenment at Whole Foods Market

By August 11, 2013 No Comments

Finding Enlightenment at Whole Foods Market

Going to Whole Foods on a Sunday is a really good way to check myself.

For a person who preaches love and kindness, it is quite appalling what a judgmental person I can become when surrounded by a gazillion shoppers.

I always go in with the thought, “Okay, I will not judge. I will not become annoyed when someone staring at their phone darts right in front of my shopping cart. I will not become annoyed when I perceive someone else to be annoying”, and so on.

Yet, I haven’t once made a full trip yet, without looking at someone and thinking at least once, “OMG!!! How ruuuude!!” Then, of course, this innocent soul looks up and sweetly says, “Oh, so sorry!!” …Instant shame and guilt follows … 🙂

It really shows me what I need to work on. Judgment says nothing about the other person…it only speaks to us. It is incredibly narcissistic of me to think only of how everyone else’s grocery shopping actions affect ME.

Who made me in charge of the universe, let alone Whole Foods Market?

In addition to THAT truth, 9 times out of 10, the person we find to be so very offensive had absolutely zero intention of being rude. It’s amazing how often we are TOTALLY wrong.

Lesson for ME today…”Meghan, get over yourself. This Universe ain’t all about you…and maybe if you focused on seeing the good at Whole Foods on a busy Sunday, you might even have a chance to make someone’s day a little happier.”

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