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My life’s work is organized around supporting great leaders in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. Success can be a lonely road and I find it deeply meaningful to provide support to those who carry such immense weight upon their shoulders.

I have worked as an Executive Event Producer for over 15 years. In that time, I managed hundreds of details and experienced the intensity of having dozens of people pull at me in every direction. I also worked with what felt like absolutely every type of personality. From no-nonsense CEOs, to creative entertainers, I have become adept at intuiting and adjusting my style to suit almost any dynamic.

In 2006, I became a Certified Life Coach and have spent the years that have followed blending my work in the corporate world with my great passion for personal development.

Personally speaking, I have overcome a wide range of intense adversity and with years of self-study and practice, I have come to find that life can be far less complicated than we make it. It simply takes the time and attention focused on the improvement of one’s self; which paradoxically is the most common area we neglect.

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