A New Year - Change You to Change Your World

Happy New Year, Friends!

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED waking up and reading an Internet-Land full of positive and hopeful messages for 2014!

It is absolute proof that we all have a CHOICE in our lives to focus on the good, or focus on the bad. Life’s external happenings will ALWAYS have plenty of what we “don’t want”…the secret is turning our full attention towards what we “DO WANT”.

Some may call that “airy-fairy”, but I call it TRULY POWERFUL. If you look only towards the positive, you can’t help but move in that direction. If you insist on fighting for what’s wrong in your life, life has no chance but to give you more of it.

This doesn’t mean you pretend nothing is wrong…it only means you STOP PRETENDING that the solutions lay outside of you and that the world needs to change for you to be happy. If you want to see change, you must first look inside to see what needs changing.

Is the world unfair in your eyes? Seek first to cleanse how your thoughts, words or actions might be unfair to others (or to yourself, for that matter). Is your job a nightmare? Seek first to discover what parts of you contribute to that nightmare. Is your relationship a mess and are you being mistreated? Seek first to find how you are a mess and how you mistreat yourself.

Change YOU to change your world.

Take responsibility for your life and refuse to place blame on anyone but yourself. Ultimately, I believe you will agree that NOTHING FEELS BETTER…when you finally realize that the only thing you ever had any power over was YOU. It makes life so much more simple and so much less stressful! Amen to that!

As you continue this process, you will start to grow and evolve and you will find that the world starts to look a whole lot different. You can finally respond to your world’s problems from a much more powerful, incredibly peaceful and evolved state…and I can promise you, it will be far different than the words of the person you used to be.

Wishing everyone a BEAUTIFUL 2014!