“It’s okay to be happy with a calm life.”

I love this sentiment.  It is so applicable to what has been on my mind these days.  As a new parent, I have been perplexed for weeks…trying to “figure out a way” to do it all.  Life is super-crazy-chaotic with a newborn and it has really kicked my butt.  How can I manage this new 24/7 Mom-job AND get to the gym AND work on my book AND be a great Life Coach AND cook/clean (yeah right!) AND be a good wife/friend, etc.?

It especially gets to me when I think about my career, because my greatest passion lies within my Coaching practice and the messages I want to share through my book and other writings.  How can I reach for the stars when I can’t even reach for clean clothes that day?

Each day, I feel the tug….that little voice that says, “Shouldn’t you be working on your book? Shouldn’t you be working on your marketing plans?  Shouldn’t you be upping your game in Social Media?”

Then I came across this pretty little message…”It’s okay to be happy with a calm life.”  It was such a great reminder…life is enough NOW.  I don’t need to be Miss Perfect to be happy with my day.  It is enough that I am getting to write this blog while the little darling sleeps.  It is enough that I am actually fully dressed and the bed is made (well, kind of made).

I am reminded that when my heart and soul are in a state of calm peace, I become MUCH stronger and ultimately, reach my goals sooner than I had expected in a much more graceful and soulful way.    I WILL get into a flow that allows me to get quality work done, so long as I give life a chance to show me the new way.

When we let go of the reins and relax a bit more, the goodness of life is allowed to flow.  When we stop being so rigid and brittle, we are able to gently bend and deepen in our flexibility…we are able to LEARN from life.  What can look like a major speed bump (aka a newborn or any other new challenge), can actually be the PERFECT antidote to our formerly weaker ways of approaching life.  I still stand by my initial intuition around this new phase of my life…I KNOW it will teach me BETTER ways to be all that I wish to be.  I simply must relax and trust life a little more.  The mind that can admit it has much to learn, is the mind that can benefit from greater wisdom.

Let’s just hope my “mommy brain” can remember it all! 😉

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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